They will never know

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They will never know what life is like without cell phones.

They will never know what it feels like to be a completely free human being.

They will never know how to truly imagine.

They will never know true friendship.

They will never know what life is like without WiFi.

They will never know what it’s like to not have cable.

They will never know real music.

I wonder what the decline rate is of kids wanting to go outside these days, since the advent of cell phones in everyone’s pocket. There are so many things that the youth are missing out on. I honestly feel extremely blessed to have come up in the era that I did. I had a real childhood.

There are so many things that “They will never know” that I failed to mention. Let me know what “They will never know” in the comment section. Peace and love to you! Thanks for tuning in.


  1. Cliff, you hit it. Without cell phones, without caller ID, having only 3-5 TV channels to choose from… times have changed. They’ll never know the struggle.

    1. Author

      Lol. Caller ID. I remember as a child, how happy me and my sisters were when we first got caller ID. I never had cable growing up and most kids today already have Hulu and Netflix on their phones. SMH

  2. They will never know what it’s like to have to wait for an album to drop and actually have to go to the store to get it! Or how to read a map to get somewhere!

    1. Author

      Woooow! Lol so true. Either where getting up there in age or they’re just missing out on so much. I choose the latter. But what kills me about our society as a whole, most people think that technology is making their lives better. In actuality is binding and restricting them. Digging them deeper into this matrix. Especially is they choose to not use the technology properly. I mean out of most people, who’s doing that anyway?

      1. Right right. Also wanna add that they won’t have patience. And nothing will be precious or sanctified, just for viral shares and reposts and likes.

        1. Author

          No patience. Their soul ties are being severed. Before you know it there will be no real connections between humans.

          1. That is the goal! Folks are already having “sex” with animals and machines, so mankind is well on its way.

          2. Author

            That’s DISGUSTING! The way this world turning, I won’t even be able to say that without it being politically incorrect.

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