Yes Sir! Yes Ma’am!

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Should kids address their elders as sir and ma’am? I have been contemplating on this question for a while. The good thing that I can see as a result of doing so, would be that these kids will be raised knowing how to respect people. If you teach them respect from the beginning, there will be fewer problems later on in their lives. Teaching a kid to respect his or her elders will make them wise beyond their years. The kid that has respect for their elders will likely have respect for everyone else in their life.

You in your heart, mind and soul know that you have taught your kid to respect people. You also taught your kid to be disciplined. Let’s say that one day the teacher calls you up and tells you that little Jamal was acting up in class. The teacher thinks that your child now has behavior problems and wants to put him on a medication. A medication that will make him “focus” more. In actuality those ADHD pills really destroy people, but I won’t speak on that much here. You can read about that in this post here called, “Poppin’ Pills“.

If we are going to participate in these schools, we need a system in place in order to check these teachers when they misdiagnose and abuse our children. But if you do have an inclination that your child may actually be acting up in school; instead of falling for the teachers misdiagnosis, do this one day, randomly show up to your child’s classroom. Ask him or her out loud in front of the whole classroom, “Now what’s this that I hear about you talking and acting up in Ms. So and So‘s class?” This will catch him off guard because he didn’t expect you to pop up on him. Tell the teacher in front of everybody that she can call you at any time and tell her that you will be there. Make sure you put some of his friends on the spot as well.

Now if Jamal has that respect for you as he should, because you have instilled it in him since early on, he will no longer act out in class. His fear of not knowing when you may pop up will keep him on his p’s and q’s. This isn’t an outlandish hypothesis. I know because I am little Jamal. I can still remember the day that my dad popped up on me. Ever since then I was on my best behavior (for the most part) in school. Try this method out, it works. The proof is in the pudding. Both my sisters and I were the valedictorian of our class. You can read my valedictorian speech here.

I want to dive in on the importance of real men in children’s lives but that would be long enough to make another post. If you are interested in the importance of men in kids lives, click this link and it will take you to a post entitled, “Family Equals Perfection“.

WE have a lot of work to do in order to reverse this madness that is going on out here. If you want to be on the winning team, LET’S BUILD! Peace Gods!


  1. Yep, people have taken their eyes off of their kids in this busy world. We forget that as parents we have the responsibility to keep our kids safe and to raise them to be respectful. We spend a lot of time on our cellphones, while driving, shopping, walking across the street, while our kids are staggering along beside us. No proper communication. Thanks for trying to raise awareness, Cliff.

    1. Author

      I be feeling like Iam the only one who notices these things. I hate seeing children that need love, care, attention and affection get ignored by a parent who’s phone is more important to them than the child they birthed.

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