You Don’t Really Want Change

In Knowledge, Truth, Wisdom by Cliff Green

You don’t really want change. You want to scream, fuss and holler in the streets about it, but you don’t really want it. Babies and children scream, fuss and holler; it’s called a temper tantrum. And that’s all these marches and riots are, they’re temper tantrums. We continue to act like babies but won’t man up and do the necessary things that will change our situation. By man up I mean to build our own from the ground up. No one is stopping us from growing our own food. No one is stopping us from producing our own clothes. No one is stopping us from learning how to conduct electricity. No one is stopping us from learning how to build houses. No one is stopping us from anything. Of course we will face opposition. Black Wall Street showed us that, but that is still not an excuse but a learning experience.

Not to take anything from the greatness of our ancestors but they marched 50 to 60 years ago and where did that get them or us? Please do not say integration because if you clicked on the link for Black Wall Street, you will understand just how far integration has lead us. When we were segregated we had love for one another. We wanted to build and support our own businesses and families. After integration we lost our love for self and all of the dignity and respect that came with it. How can we expect for someone who has never loved us, to all of a sudden show love to us? It’s ludicrous and a slap in our ancestors’ faces to not have learned from our past. Not justifying it nor is there any reason for a cop to murder any young man or woman, but how come we aren’t marching every single day in the streets of Chicago, when a young black man takes another young black man’s life? I’ll ask again, how do you expect for someone who has never loved you, to all of sudden show love to you and you don’t even love yourself?

Knowledge and a love of self is the only thing that will change our situation. That may sound absurd but if we had true knowledge and love for self we wouldn’t even be in this predicament. Only way to gain such knowledge is to turn off the garbage television and music and to start studying. Read more books. Workout and eat better to take care of your body.

Rioting and marching in the streets will only lead to Moor deaths of our people. The police already showed you that they are willing to pull the trigger. The curfew they enforced showed you that martial law is real. Now if the police aren’t scared to pull the trigger on you, do you think that the military will be? C’mon son! (in my Ed Lover Voice) The powers that be know that if you were to wake up and realize the greatness and beauty within, that you would change this whole system in a heartbeat. That is why they are PURPOSELY broadcasting and having all these attacks. They want to get us to act out on emotion and not logic. Emotions lead to riots, logic and intellect lead to a true power struggle.

I gave another option on how to beat the system in the Protest post, but we continue to keep doing the same thing with little to no avail. But when we’re really ready for change, we’ll make it happen. Until then Go Hard or Die Easy and as always thanks for reading.