“You Go Boy!”

In Inspiration, Knowledge, Motivation by Cliff Green

Have you ever noticed that older women tend to look at you and give you that smile of love when they see that you are carrying yourself in a respectable manner? Maybe you don’t know about the look that I am talking about. Maybe you have never seen that grin of accomplishment and of hope on an elder’s face when they look at you with that “You Go Boy!” smile. Maybe you are the reason why I am writing this post. And that is fine because a lot of young men have never had anyone show them the way and that is what I attend to do with this post.

In my short time here on earth, I have noticed that all women especially “black” women love to see a young black man who is focused. In speaking with a few of my closest friends we have all concluded the same thing. We all have shared the same story of how an elder would look at us and smile and even spark a conversation just to see where our minds are at. They love to see us dressed in a uniform at work and they also love to see you dressed extremely dapper. By extremely dapper I mean dressed in clothes that fit well and are not hanging off of you.

As I was speaking to my brother on the phone last night about this very same topic; I said something to him along the lines of, “Our women love to see us focused.” All I heard in the background from my sister was, “AMEN!!!” Our women want to/ crave to be able to say or even just think “You Go Boy!” when they see us. But at this point in time our women are rarely thinking let alone saying “You Go Boy!” to not too many of us. Our women aren’t happy with what they see and hear in our men. As written by a female friend of mine in Are Black Men Feared? they are upset with us and do not feel protected by us anymore.

Rarely do I see any young men with a creative hustle and drive. Their grind is not there anymore. Unbeknownst to many young black males, older women will literally throw money at them if they seen that they were young, respectable and focused. My mother for example has a little ten by fifteen square foot yard. That was starting to look horrendous. Of course I cut it every time that I go back home but I wouldn’t have to if these young men were on their grind. My momma would looooove to give a young man money for doing something respectable and that requires real work. She would would even throw in extra money just for that “You Go Boy!” factor. And that is just my mom, there are thousands upon thousands of other women just like her.

I wrote all that to say that it is time to start thinking of new ways to hustle. Forget about all the false stories that these rappers sell you on how they made it from selling drugs. That is an illusion that will only keep you trapped in a box. Become a real hustler. There is massive opportunity in the hood alone if you open your eyes to see it as so. As stated in Hardened Hearts the community is waiting for to be fixed up and cleaned up.

Please do not make any excuses about not being able to afford a weed whacker or any other equipment because if you or someone in your family can afford to buy you a pair of Jordan’s than they surely can afford to buy you whatever equipment you need in order to get your grind on. Even if you had to buy an electrical weed whacker, I’m sure that people wouldn’t mind letting you use their electricity because they see that you have a vision of being and doing something great.

There are so many other ways to legally grind other than lawn care. I am just using that as an example from my own personal experience of when I was young. When I was 13 maybe 14, my friend Jason and I were out there making a couple hundred dollars a day from doing lawn care work. We were doing it so much that WTAE channel Four news interviewed us and put us on the news for the world to see. The next day at school all of my friends and teachers were asking us questions. My mom’s friends were calling here to tell her to tell me “You Go Boy!”. I said all that to say, you shine brighter when you are focused and doing something respectable.

My momma, sisters, aunts and women in general are always looking at me with that “You Go Boy!” smile because I am focused. My question to you is, are you?

Thanks for reading this and please leave a comment on other ways that these young men can grind.

Peace and love to you and yours!

Go Hard or Die Easy!