You’ll Make it Too Easy!

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“When I was talking Instagram. Last thing you wanted was your picture snapped.” – From Jay Z’s Somewhere in America. Even tho I do not condone selling drugs especially to your own people, but come on think about it, if that’s what you do; why do you have social media? Why do you make it so easy to be entrapped?

Facebook & Instagram (F.B.I.). These days there is no need for any law enforcement agency to even take a mug shot of you. You probably put a free one up on F.B.I.

Your computer, tablet and smart phone are probably fingerprint activated as well. So they more than likely have your fingerprint too.

Yes, “social” media does have its benefits. It can be used to promote yourself and (legal) business in a positive light. But if you’re in the game and you’re putting up pictures searching for likes, you’re making it easier for you to be searched.

Plus putting pictures up for likes and attention is a crying call for something of deeper meaning that you may be lacking in your life. I know the way I wrote that may sound harsh, arrogant and whatever other term you can think of, but if a psychologist said the same thing, would you be so mad? Plus I’m not here to tell you what that thing may be. Only your SELFie can.

To circle this post back around to my original point, quit playing checkers and hop on the chess board. THINK about the your moves, because every one of them count.

THINK why you still have the ability to do so. THINK! It is not illegal to do so, YET! Quit making it so easy!

Much love to the Gods and Goddesses! And much love to the ones that need to return to godhood. I hope that I can help spark that fire back within your soul.

Go Hard or Die Easy!


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