You’re in the big leagues now! It’s time to handle business!

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If you have a product or service that people exchange money with you in order to receive that product or service, you my friend run a business. I, being the person that I am, am here to help you run your business more efficiently. This one is on the house. You’re welcome.

Let’s get to it. Say you have a small restaurant that you operate in the neighborhood you grew up in. A lot of people are showing you love and some aren’t, but hey what would life be without the naysayers and haters? Things are picking up a little due to word of mouth and a few social media post. One day a gentleman such as myself walks into your establishment and makes an order. I should not and I repeat, I should not be able to see the tattoos on your arms and especially on your chest. You should be in a uniform. You should not look like you are just walking around your house in night-clothes.

This great tasting food may have begun in your kitchen but you took the initiative to turn your cooking abilities into a business. Those abilities can only get you so far. Buy uniforms for you and your employees. The uniforms don’t have to be exuberant. They can be cheap khakis and a plain polo shirt that you bought at a thrift store. But you MUST be in uniform. When is the last time that you walked into a Target and all of the employees weren’t dressed in khakis and a red shirt? I’ll wait for it…… Oh! Never! You have never saw them not dressed in uniform. That’s right because it is a business. Your restaurant is a business as well.

The same things goes to the guys walking through the metro selling body oils. You my friend are running a business as well. You should tighten your look up. Go grab a polo and some khakis as well. That white guy that you just walked by thinks that you smell awesome, buuuuuttttt he’s not going to say anything to you because you look like you’re from the streets. You are cutting out a demographic of people who you can sell too.

Pay attention to how the Mormons come through the hood trying to “sell” you their religion. They always have on some slacks, button up, tie and dress shoes. This is because it makes them look more approachable. This post has nothing to do with European standards of beauty, but it has everything to do with commerce and the way the world is ran. If you are going to get in this race then you must be prepared to win.

That leads to another point. Do not call your business a black business. It is a business and that is all that it is. I am not saying that we shouldn’t support black owned and operated businesses because I condone and push doing that any and all day. I am saying that they do not need to be labeled as black businesses. They should just be called businesses. Walmart does not call itself a white business even though it was founded by a white man. Walmart isn’t going to turn you away because you are black, brown, blue, yellow, orange or white. Walmart wants your green. That is all that matters in the world of business. Walmart also knows the importance of appearance. Therefore all of their employees are dressed in uniform.

This post was about how you and your business should appear to others. The next one will be on Customer Service and Organization. This whole post stems from my recent experience in dealing with a black owned business. I wanted to say something to them but didn’t know if it was my place to. Plus their attitudes were so bad (Customer Service) I didn’t know if my message would be received or not. Someone has to tell them that they are in the big leagues now! Or they will never completely grow and prosper.

Thanks for tuning in and let’s continue to build.


  1. Yes sir! You said something really important. “Don’t call your business a black business.” I agree. People who need to see it as a black business will do so, and if the product and customer service is right, then it won’t matter to others if it is 😉

    1. Author

      WordPress has been acting crazy on me. I could’ve sworn that I replied to you! -_-
      I completely agree. Thanks for stopping by Dr. Garland!

  2. This was so on point Cliff lol. I’m actually about to start working on my candle line start-up again and I’m super pumped. I take a very long time to even put things in motion an make decisions so I’m elated to be at the next step. Your post just reminded me of the importance of presentation, even in casual selling. Thank you 😀

    1. Author

      Word! I can’t wait to see what you have in stores for us! I will definitely be supporting! I’ve been incognito lately but I seen your link called the Black Project! That is A1! I’m also honored that I made the list! Much love to you Josie!

  3. I feel what you are saying Brother Cliff. I will say this, though: there is value to labeling one’s self a black business. When we label our establishment a black business, it can be categorized alongside other black businesses, and become visible to those of us who are looking to buy black.

    1. Author

      I don’t disagree with that at all. I should have worded as, we shouldn’t label them as ONLY black businesses. I know we don’t do that intentionally but at times it can come off as so. And until we do have 100 percent support from our brothers and sisters then we can really just label it a black business and don’t care who says what. I wish/ working toward that day to come.

  4. sidenote….. I think I found a new name for my blog ??

    of course I wanna get your opinion. And I also think I found a partner to help me shoot the Black love series! Are you proud??

    1. Author

      Awww I feel special :). If it’s ok. I will email you. I don’t think you should put it online unless you have already bought the domain.
      And worrrrrddddd!!! To finding a partner! I can’t wait until the series comes out.

      1. That’s what I was thinking; you can’t share your plans with everyone ’cause ya might get jacked! Some people are just watching your moves to steal them. Sad truth.

        suchhighstandards@gmail when you’re ready 😉

        1. Author

          I got your email locked in already. And even looking at your email address shows your dopeness. I have literally had ideas and a domain stolen off of me before. SMH! I have learned my lesson. Plus you know that they’re always sifting through our work looking for a way in so that they can try to bring us down.

          1. I was such a lil snot when I got this email address, but people always snicker or say it’s cool so I guess I kind of grew into it.

            And that’s true; sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Just have things already in motion before they can even think to steal an idea.

          2. Author

            The hard way is usually what it takes.
            I guess I can see how you would think that you were a snot but I see the address as having, well… SUCH HIGH STANDARDS for yourself. Even if you were young when you made it. It says, “Come correct or don’t come at all!”

  5. Labeling yourself a black business, or black anything a lot of times keeps you in a box. Sometimes other races support it, sometimes they don’t. I want everybody’s green at the end of the day.
    People who don’t present themselves in a professional manner drives me nuts, especially when they look like us. There is a such thing as keeping it too real.

    1. Author

      Yes there is! And in keeping it “too real” they look like fools. The realness in which they believe in is usually something that was imposed on us. i.e. gangsterism, thugs, ghetto, hard/ tough, ignorant and the list goes on and on. But none of which are cool nor are they how we original act in our natural culture. Bartering, selling and trading (commerce) are things that we started. Now all of sudden we forgot how to do those things properly.

      1. Man I couldn’t have said it better. Some days I want to start professionally speaking, and help wake people up. The fight is economic. I need people to realize that. I preach entrepreneurship, and with that comes responsibility. One of those responsibilities is to look the part of the life you want to live. Perception is reality

        1. Author

          We have the same goals and aspirations in mind. I would like to do the same thing. I agree with you it is economic. That what this RACE is all about. Everybody else is running to get to the top. We are the only ones choosing not to run in the race but complain when we’re getting beat down by everybody else.

          1. We’re watching everybody else race. Feels like we’re too busy trying to show off our expensive racing gear to each other than jump into the actual economic race!

    1. Author

      Thanks brother Wyzedome! I’m hoping that I can get this out to few people. Maybe they will take heed. Thanks for tuning in my good brother!

  6. So true! Not that it matters, but I agree with you! … except the part about Black owned; I like to know so I can support. And if it’s just online, you can’t always tell who’s running things. Using that hashtag hasn’t stopped non-Blacks from purchasing from us, but I know what you’re saying about getting everyone’s money.

    Oh and we’re working on a uniform or at least some shirts haha! I took this personally. A little.

    1. Author

      LOL I know you and your sister are doing you’ll thing tho! You can tell the difference between people who know and people who don’t. You’ll have that glow. I’m following TwoDoughGirls on IG. When I actually do log in. I see you’ll making moves.
      I agree with you as well. People should have a way of knowing that you are a black owned and operated business. I just don’t think it should be advertised as that is all you are. You know how them other folks are always scared.

      1. I feel you! We have to let it be known that we are Black and proud because we are (hopefully) leading by example, for other brothers and sisters to take pride in themselves, their people and their businesses and express how valuable we are to one another.

        Thanks for the follow love too 😉

        1. Author

          We definitely need to take pride into what we do. This may be off subject but it ties in a little. Taking pride is something that we don’t do. In speaking with my dad, he would say something like, “You shouldn’t have pride because it is one of the biggest sins blah blah blah! You should always walk with your head down and never feel like you blah blah blah.” He doesn’t actually say the last sentence but that’s how I take it. And I see that a lot of black people’s beliefs have them never taking pride or ownership into anything they do. Whether it be accountability for their actions or the just loving themselves completely. The reason why I wrote this post is because we need to take OWNERSHIP into EVERYTHING that we do. Ownership will lead us back to building new black wall streets, modern day pyramids and new civilizations. I was a little off subject but my father’s statement along with plenty of others who think like him, addresses another problem with why we haven’t progressing.I don’t know where my reply is going LOL. I go off on rants sometimes because there is so much to be said and done. But in the end of the day. Keep shining. You are motivating me and others to do the same.

          1. I know what you mean. It’s like just be grateful you’re alive or have a job or not in prison, right? NO! Be grateful we have gifts and knowledge to share. We’ve been quiet and docile for too damn long.

          2. Author

            Docile is the word! That’s what is wrong with them. They’re docile. They walk around like they’ve been spayed and neutered.
            Not trying to be graphic but I have to let my nuts hang so to speak. lol! I’m not the one to be out here acting weak.

          3. Weak men are the absolute worst and there’s seems to be an influx of them these days -_-

  7. You had me over here hollering ??
    Everything you said was, excuse the pun, on the money?
    I swear, we need to step up our game.
    Trump-nem ain’t playing!

    Great post Cliff! ✨✨

    1. Author

      LOL Good one!
      You’re right we definitely need to step our game up. It’s 2017, excuses are now out the window. Yes we know why some things may be the way they are, but still! It’s time to make things happens!
      As always you are always appreciated Lady G! Can you tell me how you do those emojis? Only way I can do them is if I reply from my phone.

      1. Okaaay??? LOL.
        Thank you, love!
        I am using a MacBook Air:
        Go to menu options at the very top under “edit,” there you find an option called “emojis and symbols” at the very bottom 🙂

        1. Author

          🙁 I’m still in the past working with a HP laptop. Uhhh! One day I’ll catch up with the rest of the world.

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